Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hawaii Training Camp

I am spending 2 weeks in Hawaii for Christmas with my family, and I am bringing my bike along so I can get some riding in. Now that I have young kids, the Hawaii trips are not as adventurous as they used to be. I did get in some kitesurfing last year on Maui, but in general, our activities are pretty limited by having to keep an eye on the kids. I am able to escape in the mornings for a ride while everyone else goes to breakfast.

I brought my Ritchey Breakaway. The Ritchey is a piece of crap, but it has one outstanding feature--the frame breaks in half so that you can fit it into a suitcase that complies (mostly) with airline regulations. This means I only pay for a normal suitcase, or $15-$25 each way, rather than $150. Previously I would just rent bikes, but the fit is never right, and I have paid a lot of money to rent junk. The compact travel setup also means it fits into the rental car, so my wife permits me to bring it.

Other than that very nice feature, it is all bad. The Ritchey manages to be heavy, yet not stiff, nor comfortable. The front fork is a travesty....I can hit the front brake hard at low speed and watch the dropout move a centimeter backwards.

But, the wheels go 'round, and I plan to get a lot of miles in the warm sunshine. Lance will probably show up after Christmas on his way to the Tour Down Under.

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  1. Hi Chris,

    I consult with Ritchey on the Break-Away product and am concerned about your comments. I'd love the opportunity to talk with you and hear more about your experiences and thoughts on your Break-Away.

    Would you be willing to talk with me about your Break-Away?

    If so, feel free to e-mail me. The best e-mail is: sgary [at]
    Please cc: bab_twitter [at]

    -Stacy Gary


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