Monday, April 12, 2010

Tech - Twitter is crushing dreams

Twitter has been on a tear this week, upsetting the whole real-time web ecosystem.

First, they launch their own Blackberry client. Then they buy Tweetie, a leading iPhone and Android client. That seriously upsets the apple cart of all the other third party clients (Twitterific, Seesmic, etc.).

Tonight, the news leaks about their new advertising product. One day after Bill Gross of IdeaLab tells us about TweetUp, which basically does the same thing. Or it did. Now it is DBA (dead before arrival).

Many entrepreneurs have had a rough week, as there are a lot of little FNACs (Feature Not A Company) around Twitter. People used to worry about Microsoft competing with them, then Twitter is the dream killer.

Mind you, I think Twitter is making the right moves to control their destiny and avoid disintermediation. If you are an FNAC, your only sensible strategy is to be purchased, and Atebits (the company behind Tweetie) knew this.

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