Thursday, September 30, 2010

Startup Hangover

Wow, feeling hungover today after 3 days of TechCrunch Disrupt.  Not alcohol hungover, but energy hungover.  Being in a hall full of startups (more than a 100) creates an enormous amount of energy.  I came home each night tired, but unable to fall asleep as I thought through some of the interesting companies, and mulled over interesting strategic options for them.

Being on the floor of TechCrunch is like being at the Circus Maximus.  All of these entrepreneurs have a sincere conviction that they are going to win, but the sad truth is that most will not.  Luckily, the consequences of failure in Silicon Valley are a bit less severe than in ancient Rome.  After their companies die, they will be back.  To paraphrase from Gladiator, "I will have my success, in this life or the next!".

I want my next hit of entrepreneurial energy.  I will get some at the Mobile Apps conference next week.  In two weeks, I will start my 10 day program at Singularity University--that will be really energizing/exhausting.

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