Friday, January 28, 2011

Nerd alert! Adventures at Macworld.

I spent a couple of hours at Macworld yesterday--my first time.  I have thought about going before, but having a free ticket pushed me over the edge.

Macworld is not the event it once was.  It used to take over the entire Moscone Center, and now it is merely the main hall on the west side--about a quarter of what it was.  Apple does not bother to show up in any official capacity, preferring to focus on more general trade shows.  This makes sense.  Why preach to the faithful when you want to grow market share amongst the heathens.

I saw a few interesting things.  I ended up buying a fancy charging stand from IDAPT that holds multiple devices of any sort and charges them.  I also got a protective thin film covering for my MB Air, which comes a bit too late as I scuffed it last weekend.

Vendors ranged from the very cool, like Dragon Dictation.
To the bizarre......
This will get you beaten up.

I am an Apple whore, and even I would not really consider using my iPhone as part of my BBQ apparatus.

But I bet this guy would use it, not probably not to roast a pig....

These "customizable" iPhone covers were cool....not available yet, but when they are, I will get one and let my kids decorate it.

One thing I was not tempted to try was any of the headsets/earphones that were available.  A couple of vendors actually had boxes of the little rubber ear nubs so that yours were unused, but most just laid out a pair for person after person to try on......yuck.

And here was something you need for your know, to use it as a phone, if the whole magic of wireless makes you confused.

The people watching at Macworld was awesome.  If you don't think you will survive a Star Trek convention, this is a good warmup.

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