Thursday, February 24, 2011

Best. Presentation. Ever.

For all the startup entrepreneurs out there, here is a great lesson on presenting.  Taka's enthusiasm pushes through the language barrier.  As Yossi Vardi said after the presentation regarding why he would invest, "If you're going to lose your money, at least have some fun."

I hope you took notes.  I have to go find some turquoise shoes for my next presentation, and work on my "Boom!".

Taka has now given my two favorite presentations of all time.  His presentation for Tonchidot at TechCrunch40 a few years ago was even more epic than this year's.  See the presentation and the Q&A. The product seemed impossible, the presentation unintelligible, but the enthusiasm was infectious and you desperately wanted it to be true.  Turns out, it was true, and the system works in Japan.

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