Thursday, July 8, 2010

Top 10 Reasons I should make the Rapha Gentlemen's Ride team

The Rapha Gentlemen's Race is coming up in 5 weeks.  Competition is hot for a place on the six man team.  Here are the top 12 reasons why I should make the squad.

12.  Gun Show.  It's sketchy in the PDX.

11.  This time, you won't have to push me 5 minutes into the race......I hope.

10.  I will channel the Badger, and smite our enemies.

9.  I spend so much time in my Pain Cave, I decorated it with Ikea furniture.   Mmmmm, comfy.

8. Man beer.

7.  I look good in pink.

6. I am great to draft off of, unless I have had a burrito.

5.  I spent my kids' college fund at Studio Velo.

4.  I wore out my Big Ring.

3.  I am the only one who knows where we are going.

2.  Rapha Whore.

And the #1 reason why I deserve to be on the team......I will not have to stop for refreshments during the ride.


  1. Total comedy, you rule! Got some more mtn bike races comin' up... u in?
    -Team Old Burnout(Cisco)

  2. Cisco--
    always up for a nearby mtb race. off to Tahoe this weekend for altitude training. ;)

  3. You should be first on the list Hobbsy, and don't forget, we could still put an english team in there!


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