Thursday, February 24, 2011

LifeProof iPhone Case

Here is a cool product from the Launch Conference.  A few months ago, my iPhone fell out of my bike jersey pocket at 20mph with only a slim plastic case and a ziploc for protection (more here).  I have looked at Otterbox cases, but they are bulky.  This case is waterproof, can be dropped from 6 feet up, and is just slightly thicker than a normal case.  At $70, it is targeting a narrow market, but I will get one.


  1. Good Wood NYC has been known for their wooden jewelry and custom pieces, but in recent months, have been to expand their product line. They've rolled out a line of iPhone cases. Do you think it's the best iphone 4 case?

  2. Lifeproof case for iPhone can be considered the best iphone 4 case, as it can protect the gadget from not only dust but also from moisture and damages due to accidental drops.


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