Friday, June 19, 2009

What kind of geek are you?

Here is an easy way to determine what kind of geek you are? Are you currently standing in line outside an Apple store, twittering about how cool it is to be rained on while waiting for the new iPhone? Yes?--then you are a dumbass geek. Did you pre-order your iPhone 3GS, and are sitting comfy at home browsing p0rn while waiting for UPS to deliver the goods? Yes?--you are a diligent geek. Did you decide "ah, screw it, I don't need a new iPhone"? Yes?--you're no geek.

Did you buy a Palm Pre? Yes?--see dumbass geek above.

I have decided to wait for a week until thing settle down, which gives me time to explain to my wife, whose older iPhone is eligible for the cheap upgrade, why she really needs my 3G, and should let me have the 3GS.

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